A unique and iconic port of entry

The two cruise terminals, with a combined floor area of 300,000 square feet, will create a unique and iconic entry experience to Dubai. Each terminal will be able to accommodate passengers and crew in complete luxury with entertainment, leisure and retail offerings.

Thanks to a futuristic infrastructure, Dubai Harbour will be connected through a sophisticated transport network that will transport passengers between the cruise terminal and the hotels, yacht club and airport. Within the terminal island is the Dubai Lighthouse, destined to become a feature landmark building.

The terminal buildings will be positioned along the operations apron. Both terminals support the logistical needs of homeport operations, from ticketing to baggage handling, duty-free, customs, immigration and all other activities required by the governing authorities. The apron is over 1-kilometre long with further extensions planned.

Maritime Information

Quay Wall length: 910m
Longitude and Latitude: 25° 5’ 41’’ N, 55° 7’ 50’’ E
Depth of Arrival Channel: 12.5m at chart datum
Diameter of turning circle: 540m